Curtain Call – 1 Minute Drama

About Curtain Call

Curtain Call is a 1 minute drama based on domestic abuse. Kate is an aspiring theatre actress and she is due to get married to Liam, her abusive partner, however she is getting cold feet. As part of the brief we was tasked to produce a 1 minute drama around a premise of an invitation without using any dialogue or music. I was the production manager for this drama so it was my responsibility to arrange schedules and ensure we had signed release forms etc. I also contributed to the writing of the production. I suggested we do the flash backs and end with Liam appearing. We could not find a male actor in time, so I stepped up to also play the role of Liam.


Written & directed by Harriet Dooner
Produced and co written by James Wylie
Sound designer and editing by Jessica Balfour
Camera and lighting by Razina Crawford
Assistant Director – Emily Marston
Assistant Producer – Tammy Roberts
Kate played by Megan-Lote Williams
Liam played by James Wylie

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