Talking Statues – Sound Design

About Talking Statues

The brief of this assignment was to work as a group of no more than 4 people to create a factual sound portrait on a theme provided by the module tutor. The final piece also had to include 2 15 second adverts for appropriate companies that would fit the tone of our subject matter.

As creative director, I felt it would be best to try and bring the statues to life to tell their story. The team and I decided on Aneurin Bevan, Tasker Watkins and Ivan Novello. I took ownership of producing the piece for Tasker Watkins because I was in awe, when I read how he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his heroic action in battle. Staying on the war theme, I approached a local sandwich company called The Sandwich Co, who make some amazing sandwiches, with one being called ‘The Arnie Sarny’ which would link nicely as Arnie is an all action film hero & I so happen to have a very close friend who does great Arnie impressions and was happy to do the voice over for the Sandwich Co advert.

Production Process:
The production process started like any other project – with lots of research. I really wanted to understand who Mr Watkins was and what kind of man he was. Was he jovial? Stern? Down to earth? I wanted the reflection of all our subject matters to be as accurate as possible! I delegated the remaining subjects out to the rest of the team. Once we understood our characters, we then scouted for the appropriate voice actors & worked with them to get the final results.

Overall I am very pleased with the final output. The process was relatively simple to complete. I do wish we did not have Churchill speaking as it clashes with Mr Bevan talking. The team worked really well together and we all worked hard to achieve the final result.

Final Grade: 68%
Show Tutor Feedback
Tutor Feedback:
This is a creative, unusual and entertaining idea. You pull the audience in, right from the start. With a written ‘cue’, explaining what’s going on for the listener, this could potentially work really well for Keep Cardiff Live. The voice acting is generally well done and you’ve incorporated a good range of sounds. The Churchill content clashes slightly with the main speaker but the idea is good. Both ads are imaginative and contain good content. The voice actor is very well-chosen but on the first ad, the name of the company does not come across clearly enough and would have benefited from being repeated, at the end. The levels are not so good on the second ad, the voice-over is quite hard to understand and ‘fights’ with the music, a bit. The overall duration is good but it doesn’t conclude as emphatically as it could have. A music fade might have worked well there, of a fade of the atmos. Overall this is very good, well done!

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